Stephanie Hutchins

Stephanie Hutchins

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2017

TITLE: The Ghost of the Fisherman


A place of isolation can be a place of revelation.
The wet fishing nets hanging up in an array of colours against the decaying buildings.
I was fortunate to have the opportunity to not only work in New York for six months, but to also study in Milan during my degree course at Birmingham City University. Whilst studying in Italy, I discovererd a small fisherman’s island 'Isola dei Pescatori' on the edge of Lago Maggiore and this proved to be the inspiration behind my collection.

Against a backdrop of an island in the middle of the Italian lake region, the contrasts was vast, the various boats docked, awaiting nightfall to sail upon the lake. The cobbled streets with the bustling tourists, the chimes of the church bells, and the glorious smell of fresh and aromatic Mediterranean dishes seeping into the air emphasised the continued domicile of local residents on the island; all these aspects represented pure vibrant beauty to me.

My womenswear collection has combined all that I loved from my experiences of visiting this island, through the choice of silhouettes, colours and texture. The result of my vast amount of primary research was an influence that enabled me to design and develop a beautiful and cohesive graduate collection.

Stephanie Hutchins

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