Stephanie Green

Stephanie Green

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



'It is our predicament that we live in a finite world, and yet we behave as if it were infinite' (Castro, 2014).

‘Over 50% of millennials surveyed, believe brands are not truthful when disclosing information about where their products are sourced and ma

Upon completion of my dissertation module, I was able to identify a gap in the market. This involved the need for a company or governing body to step up and take responsibility for sustainability, ethics and transparency within the fashion industry. This translated into conducting a well-rounded and professional business plan for my Final Major Project called Equilateral. A sustainability consultancy striving for change and a better future. A three-stage process was created which involves a small team of consultants and business analysts, who penetrate a company by marketing at trade shows, networking events, fashion shows, and through social media presence.

Once a client has been obtained, the junior business analyst will perform a company health check (a set amount of questions that will assess the company’s current state of transparency issues). If the company is happy to continue they will then move to stage two, which involves being placed on an ambition model, this shows them their innovation ambition and how promptly they absorb trends set by others in their market sector. Stage three involves the implementation table, listing all elements of the business from packaging to distribution, this allows the client to visually understand where they could make a start and what they could do to become more sustainable, ethical and transparent.

A mock-up of the Equilateral website can be viewed to the right, shown on an iPhone format to demonstrate accessibility. My dissertation is also featured as a flick through document to the right-hand side.

Completing a BA Hons in Fashion Business and promotion, has taught me more than I could ever imagine over these past three years. I have learnt to be self-critical to understand my strengths and weaknesses in a bid to identify my desired career path. With a structured and organised approach to work and a thoughtful and caring personality, I believe I am a well-balanced individual. Taking my strengths into consideration, I am looking to pursue a career within the Buying and Merchandising sector.

Organisation is key, and the ability to work under pressure while working in a collaborative style is essential. Having experienced the sector in my Buying and Merchandising module (shown above) I thrived from both the analytical approach to constructing critical paths, price architecture and working to lead times and the creative side of building an entire range plan with Adobe Illustrator. This being the perfect fit for my equally creative and business minded background.