Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker

Sophie Walker

COURSE: Textiles 2018

Pathway: Printed Textiles and Surface Design

Fragmentary florals

Being explorative will be one of the main motivations to push this project from strength to strength

The idea behind the concept is to see how the details in florals effects the final pattern. Experimentation will be explored with removing detail from the flowers and replaced or added back in different ways using collage and paper-based motifs using photo negatives in order to remove negative areas from the motifs. the reason behind this is to explore the effects finer details has on a print and to experiment ways to remove and re-insert parts of the detail somewhere it isn't usually seen. Will removing the negative areas effect the way the collection will look in comparison with other floral collections. Will it be more interesting? Experiment with photoshop to re-insert parts of the detail. How will this affect the print? Through brand research an idea surfaced for a new aesthetic to create something new and fresh to the industry. Inspiration will be taken from primary images taken on visits to garden centres and botanical gardens. The reason behind the chosen flowers are inspiration taken from my grandad's garden which used to be shown to the public in summer months. With my grandad's passion for these flowers these are what i wanted to incorporate in my collection. Use of the camera will be played with alongside adjusting compositions on photoshop.