Sophie Szeto

Sophie Szeto

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Shout Magazine Brand Extension

Leading retailers are harnessing mobile technology to improve the customer experience and set themselves apart from their competitors.
It’s less about what social media can do for you and more about what you can do with social media.
Fashion Business and Promotion graduate, having always had interest in digital technology and being up to date with fashion, lifestyle and beauty on the latest forms of social media. A dissertation exploring the online presence within the teenage generation provided insight into how high street retailers can further evolve their marketing communications strategies.
Reinventing marketing communications in the age of the shopper, in a forever changing digital society. Study shows how the digital and online presence within teenagers today have drastically modified the high street shopping experience. Every day, more and more teenagers have access to the internet and social media platforms. They are no longer affected by retailers' spam, feeding consumers the information they want. Instead consumers in today's' society like to be in control whether it is interest or in purchasing decisions.
To keep up to date with celebrity entertainment, fashion, beauty and music. A brand extension is developed in the Final Major Project to suit the needs of teenagers today in their fast pace lifestyles, being on the go and switching between a range of social media platforms. This platform will have all the content one wants with a personal touch.

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