Sophie Johnson

Sophie Johnson

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Whistles Redefined

Redefined put sustainability and innovative design side by side at the heart of the practice.
Creating products that are made with integrity, finished to the highest of standards, with beautiful materials that does not cost the earth.
I am enthusiastic about and deeply interested in future trends and the changes in consumer behaviour. I want to understand how fashion shapes and reflects society and communities. My dissertation was devised to question and challenge typical fashion culture, focusing on “the conscious mind of the consumer and how sustainable fashion is changing” re-enforcing the patterns of excessive consumption and waste.

The key points that my dissertation uncovered are that consumers are becoming more conscious minded, they are thinking more about the damage to the environment and are willing to help change and save the planet. It is becoming apparent that spending extra is now norm, it makes consumers feel good as it is a reflection on themselves that they are helping to save the environment as a result the sustainable market is set to grow. This created a gap in the market to develop the sustainable range and availability in the market. Final Major project
Redefined is Whistles premium sustainable capsule collection. The collection is redefining sustainable fashion with a intelligent sense of design which seeks to inspire. The sustainable range is to encourage a more thoughtful approach meaning that the collection is a slower range that can grow in the long term.

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