Sophie Hardy

Sophie Hardy

Sophie Hardy

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Upfront | M&S - Athleisure wear for Breast Cancer survivors.

This portfolio will display my Final Major Project discussing the importance of Breast Cancer within the Athleisure market.

"When we embrace uncertainty, it can be very liberating. If you can accept the uncertainty, it allows you to live life every day." Victor Gospodinoff, 2018

Upfront was created in response to the lack of variety in Athleisure/sportswear for breast cancer survivors. With breast cancer survivors trying to be happy and confident in their own bodies as a key focal point, FMP research highlighted that for many women, negative changes in body image become part of the long-term side effects of treatment and coming to terms with new body identities.

The day of the diagnosis, the ‘you’ that you have come to be changes in an instant, you are walking around with an extra weight, a skulking shadow. Again, people react in many different ways, anger, fear, determination, depression, acceptance. Much is to do with a person’s psyche at the time. From primary research collated for Competition, most women joined the ranks of ‘just want to be normal’, of which, again from research, there are many. These women just want to get back to their old self but a little bit improved. Improved in a way that any major setback in life can make that individual stronger, better. This brings the subject to camouflage. Animals use it to keep them safe, and those breast cancer sufferers that need it, use it to protect themselves from external factors. If that person would prefer to fight their battle in private, they need camouflage. It gives them time to deal with the process and find the “new you”. This is where Upfront comes in.

Primary research shows that there are no specifically designed Athleisure/sportswear ranges within the high street retail sector for breast cancer survivors. Upfront is a range that will cater for these women’s needs and requirements, considering appropriate materials to use and constructing thorough designs. This Athleisure range will accommodate the needs of weather it is for comfort and support after post surgery, or wanting to get back into fitness and become their old self but a little bit improved. Upfront will aim not to segregate these women just because they have experienced breast cancer. A brand, in collaboration with M&S will provide important information on the branding on where to receive support, advice, fitness and nutrition tips for Breast Cancer survivors. A business plan, magazine and a marketing pack were the outcomes to achieve this important message to individuals who have suffered with breast cancer and wanting women to connect with a high street brand.

This concept was developed with views of entering industry within either a buying or marketing role, therefore throughout the development of Upfront, consumer engagement and interaction was heavily focused on and features of each individual product were tailored to demands displayed by the target consumer requirements.