Sophie Bowater

Sophie Bowater

Sophie Bowater

COURSE: Fashion 2018

Pathway: Design for Performance 2018

The Birds and the bees wedding dresses

This film shows the photoshoot, the photograhers, makeup artist and models which worked really well together and I am really happy with the out come.

Photographer- Billie Harrison and Stephan Berry Makeup artist- Miriam Besrat Negash Models: Emma Atkinson and Shuli Ferber

The brief for this project was to create two wedding dresses to be made from old existing wedding dresses and prom gowns, using every element of the dresses the embellishment, beads, etc. Following the concept of the birds and the bees set by The Couture Company. The couture company is a bespoke wedding dress shop, working within a small group of 6 people to create one-off unique wedding gowns. The customer clients are brides looking for an alternative wedding dress.
The final major project shows skills in embroidery, adapting fabric, sewing skills, and embellishment techniques and develop designs, fabric samples and techniques. Using two models to display the garments using a collaboration with photographers and makeup artist.

The original concept set up by the couture company was the birds and the bees, I developed this concept and researched further into the subject looking at reincarnation, religions and the Japanese fashion techniques which developed the designs and techniques used.
The requirements are two wedding dresses suitable to sell along the couture company dresses and not stand out. The dresses needed to use techniques similar or the same to the couture company. The dresses also needed to consider the style of the couture company’s and consider their approach to design and their clientele.
The main collaboration is with The Couture Company I worked mostly with The Couture Company on the dresses and the theme and the concept, working with photographers and makeup artist and models to build each other’s portfolio, the photoshoot was urban themed, with graffiti and brick walls as a background. During the collaboration my job was to create two wedding dresses fitting the theme of the birds and the bees and keeping in mind the clientele of the couture company.
Sophie Bowater