Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Minimal-ME

Minimal-ME will strive to provide customers with an alternative to fast fashion.
It will always focus on providing adults and children with a classic style of timeless looks.
The forward thinking womenswear and children’s brand, inspired by the idea that the modern day thinking is sharing style tips with your children.
Encouraging children to explore their imagination through dress and spark confidence in their own skin.

The brand boasts a minimalistic style, as well as a mini–me (match mum) range – as reflected in the brand name itself (Minimal-ME).
It primarily involves an all-black, minimalistic collection for both women and children that will be sold all year round, with exclusive ‘colour burst’ collections available in store, changing seasonally.

Minimal - ME’s womenswear and children's ranges are unfussy and effortlessly chic, the immaculate tailoring combined with a rock n roll edge, are aimed to give the consumer a real effortless yet stylish identity.

Where better for your little one to capture their early years of style from anyone but yourself.

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