Sonam Banwait

Sonam Banwait

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



Put a Win in Women...

With an interest in a career within a Marketing and PR, I have attempted to adapt my 3rd year pieces of work to link to the Marketing and PR sector. My dissertation investigated the influence football and fashion have on menswear, going down the marketing route one of my chapters explored the role footballers play as influencers whilst another explored how brands and sports clubs collaborate to create fashion garments. My Independent Final Project also linked back to the sports sector where I launched and marketed my own brand to overcome body consciousness within PE classes in schools.

Through out my three years studying Fashion Business & Promotion I have always been drawn to the sports sector, especially researching women in sports. So for my Independent Final Project I decided to research sports within schools. To which I identified the lack of inclusion school girls have within PE lessons across the UK. I discovered that 1/3 of teenagers avoid PE due to fears regarding their looks (Burns, 2017), after carrying out primary research and realising how big of a problem this was, I decided to create PowHer.

PowHer is a sportswear brand focused on empowering young girls. PowHer aims to encourage school girls aged 10-16 to get more involved in physical activities without feeling conscious of how they look. The garments are made to fit all girls of all body shapes and sizes.

The clothing brand consists of a capsule collection of 5 garments, each garment is designed to show minimal skin coverage as possible in order to make girls feel more comfortable with their appearance when taking part in physical activities. The brand is inclusive to all girls with each garment being made to fit all sizes. The collection is supported with a marketing strategy to engage with both the consumer and the consumer’s parents/guardians.

The brand aims to resolve the lack of inclusion of girls who have a negative perception of participating in sports due to the appearance of traditional PE sportswear. PowHer can cater towards girls who dress modestly for religious and/or personal reasons.
Sonam Banwait