Sofia Clarke

Sofia Clarke

COURSE: Fashion 2016 Graduate Fashion Week 2016

Pathway: Design Menswear 2016


Meraki 17 ; The soul creativity or love put into my collection, the essence of myself put into my work
Meraki 17 creations are structured and functional for the artic and beyond, to fuel explorers to the up most, to kick- start those unforgettable memories of endless adventures with practical clothing. To supply those who are eager to explore the wilderness with protection and warmth with maximum durability weather proof fabrics ready to exploit the world’s beauty.
Today cults are the domination of identity instant sociological classifications are formed by devotion of those who are faithful towards a particular group or part of a society. Why is it people look to these alternative cults to become an enthusiast of violence. Football hooligans are violent supporters of association in football. Intimidating gangs of men are continuously participating in crime hiding their identity to dominate their rivals to create a disturbance, to gain power. Consistently flooding the news papers, rising in numbers and constructing more and more superior firms spreading vastly with the modern technology such as mobile phones and internet.

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