COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



Technological innovation is needed in consumer and the market. Constant in novation can bring considerable economic development and help retailers attract consumers.

The main motive behind this paper is a quote from blogger and Business of Fashion editor Eva Chen: “Nowadays, a picture is worth a thousand words, at the same time it can speak to millions of people” (BOF 2017).

From my dissertation research, an investigation into how bloggers influence the industry and consumer behaviour by social media. It identified blogger has become power in the industry as effectively and it has discovered that technology is innovative and can meet consumers ‘needs. Therefore, developing a feature including VR in my final major project, build a bridge able to reach close distance between the consumer and bloggers.

The concept of virtual space is to create a VR feature on social media platform call Weibo. By using this function, the user is bridging the gap of communication with the blogger, allowing for better interaction through a face to face virtual experience. Let consumer feel immerse it. It offers a better experience, seeing different scenes through VR glasses, off events such as: fashion shows, technology events, landscape, travel, music festival and daily life of bloggers. Moreover, users can create their own VR videos and experience different scenes, like fashion tips, food and events etc. These features create a unique and memorable social experience using this platform.
Virtual Space deliveries high-quality social experience with fun and unique for consumer. Virtual Space aim to achieve first social media platform with VR feature in China, as well engaging user join to this platform.

I am recent graduate from Birmingham City University. After three years of study, I have become more creative and with professional knowledge of the fashion industry. Development my communication skills, Teamwork, IT skills and market analysis. With interest and passion, my future career aspiration is to work in the Marketing & PR.

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