Siobhan Kelly

Siobhan Kelly

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: #theboohoostoreuk

There is double economic pressure on stores these days. On one hand, profit margins and sales per square meter are decreasing and at the same time, shopper expectations are growing
We are moving towards an immersive customer experience that no longer distinguishes between online and offline but rather creates a continuous dialogue
For my Final Major Project I designed a proposed fashion retail showroom created through innovative use of space and technology for global fashion retailer, Boohoo. Showcasing the online retailers extensive product range and bringing the brand to its first bricks-and-mortar setting. Merging technology with product creating a phygital environment that combines consumer engagement and brand awareness, through use of promotional process communication. To bring Boohoo’s online presence to a physical space in Birmingham at the height of high street affordable fashion generating consumer interaction, specifically in the cities brand new Grand Central Station.

For the brand three documents were put together through extensive brand, consumer and location research. The Business plan creates the strategies to implement the proposal while also covering finances and risk assessments, with the marketing plan laying out the strategies in detail including launch dates, visual guides and social media guidelines and the Brand bible combines brand identity and how it will show through all aspects of the space to increase brand/consumer awareness.

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