Simran Sahota

Simran Sahota

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


Fashion Portfolio

Revive | Final Major Project

Revive | Final Major Project
A concept created which was highly motivated by a passion of mental health and body image, with the aspirations of wanting to make an impact and a change.

Revive is a theoretical sustainable activewear brand which incorporates micro-encapsulation within the garments encouraging women that it’s healthy to unwind and practice self-care. Revive wanted to be unique via garments providing moisture to the skin giving the consumer skin benefits helping those with sensitive skin and wants added moisture to their skin.

Social media has caused women to feel pressured to look a certain way, leading them to feel unhappy with their appearance. Revive's brand ethos is to be inclusive to all women and provide diverse ranges. Revive wants to be apart of the fast growing movement to help encourage body confidence and challenge society on the "Perfect Body."

Your Body is not a trend: How the rise in Instagram and influencers have changed the perception of the "Perfect Body" in women. | Dissertation

This was a report that shed light on how social media is pressuring women with the societal pressure to fit beauty standards more than ever which is set by Instagram influencers. Research demonstrated that an increasing amount of Generation Z women are suffering from Mental Health issues due to influencers portraying an unrealistic reality through heavily edited images.

Marketing and PR Module: Collaboration with Gung Ho
I chose New Balance to collaborate with the charity Mind UK. This project allowed me to excel with creating Marketing and PR strategies. The message behind this campaign was "Don't run away with your problems... Hiding away will only get you so far." This message was to raise awareness of mental health and how it is becoming an increased issue with athletes. A future career path in Marketing, PR or Influencer marketing for a fashion brand is the goal which was consolidated throughout this module and with gaining more knowledge on these sectors will improve the skill range needed for these specific job roles. Research depth into all these areas and the fashion industry will be massively important to pursue any of these careers.