Simran Garcha

Simran Garcha

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



“The industry is still struggling to adjust its way of operating and embed inclusivity in the way it works beyond the façade of its big glossy advertising campaigns.”

(Sarah Kent, Business of Fashion, 2019)

BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate, aspiring to secure a marketing or public relations role within the fashion industry. Both my time at university and six years of fashion retail experience with Levi Strauss & Co, have greatly strengthened both my verbal and written and communication skills.

Self-directed research project entitled, “Is the topic of inclusivity within marketing and PR being addressed in the right ways, or is it tokenism to avoid backlash from an activist generation?”. Through the use of initiative and ambition, a comprehensive study was conducted into the genuineness of inclusivity attempts by brands in the fashion and beauty industries.
A main finding of the study was that companies could greatly benefit from increasing the diversity of boards and those in power positions. If individuals from minority groups had a heavier influence on decisions made at the top, inclusivity would be rooted into the foundations of the industry and a real change in fashion could be seen. It was realised that the structure of the industry cannot be changed overnight, but small steps must be made now in order for inclusivity to be rife in the industry further down the line.

"Final Independent Project"
Moving on from my dissertation, I acted on entrepreneurial nature to create a commercially viable concept to fill a gap in the current market. ‘Prodigy’ is a set of subject and year specific magazines that provide students with career advice and guidance, throughout their individual journey’s at university. The concept was developed from conclusions drawn from my dissertation, as well as issues found during research with how universities prepare students for employment.
Further exploration of the Generation Z consumer, examination of physical magazines as a platform and investigation of how companies view graduates as employees were all evidenced in a research journey. A business plan was prepared to support the launch of the Prodigy platform, including: company objectives, S.W.O.T analysis, consideration of operations (stages of production and lead times), creation of a 12-month marketing strategy (with visuals mock-ups) and deliberation of projected costs and sales forecasts displayed via a cashflow forecast.

"Events Management"
This group venture required planning and executing a live event in aid of St.Basil’s charity, who work to prevent youth homelessness within Birmingham and the surrounding areas. My team, Affluent Aura Events, held a comedy night at a bar in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Consideration was given to all aspects, including: budgets and finance, marketing the event and public relations efforts. All funding for the event was found through group fundraising and acquired sponsorships. On the night, Affluent Aura Events raised over £1,000 for St.Basil’s and were awarded with a first for the entertainment filled evening.

"Visual Portfolio Content"
Video above – Dissertation
Video and images to the left – content from the Events Management comedy night
Image slides to the right – pages from my Final Independent Project