Sian McGinnes

Sian McGinnes

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Shape Over Size


Not every size is the same shape
Driven by changes in consumer demands to bring real back to the forefront of the fashion industry
Initial ideation for the Shape Over Size concept came from my Dissertation based on 'The issues within the millennial generation caused by social media marketing & how this is contributing to a rise in demand for realism within the fashion industry.’ After conducting intensive research it was evident that there were significant changes developing within the fashion industry suggesting a drive towards a more diverse approach within marketing. Additionally this innovative concept has stemmed from a personal interest of the Fashion Marketing industry.

Shape Over Size is a unique tool within fashion retailers Free Peoples website, designed to push diversity within the online fashion market with a sole purpose of bringing real women to the forefront of fashion. This tool will promote the need to move on from the negative impact of current social media stereotypes and encourage women to unite with a confidence of self-image. This feature holds within it a modern concept that has not existed before within online purchasing, an ability to shop by shape and feel beautiful regardless. Removing the notion that every size is the same shape.

The top landscape video holds within it vital snippets of my Business & Marketing Plan from my Final Major Project. The portrait video is the interactive mock up website designed to fit with Free Peoples current online aesthetic. The website allows consumers to go in and choose not only their size but also their body shape. Once having chosen a shape an interactive experience will begin. Step by step pages of options leading to a desired personalised product, with a section labeled ‘We Are Free’ allowing consumers to provide reviews and voice their experiences. The third section of the website titled 'Exclusives' will consist of a range of products that promote the Shape Over Size movement. The bottom video is of my Dissertation the initial starting point that lead to this innovative and unique concept.

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