Shona Fahy

Shona Fahy

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Poise Fashion App

By 2020 Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers and this generation want everything to be mobile
100% of teenagers asked in a study taken had difficulties in understanding what clothing size fits them but also highlighted how it was related to not having their own retail sector like womenswear, menswear and kidswear.
Poise the fashion size and style app for girls. Designed to eliminate confusion of retailer clothing sizes, suggest styles and fit, establish a teenage retail sector for teens and offer a unique shopping experience. Poise creates a unique avatar for all users, which aims to mimic body proportions and size of the user as well as features. Poise also operates offline, has a blog, and incorporates real brands in a style scenario game based on real events aimed to help users dress appropriately.

When I was growing up I was taller than my peer group and shopping was something I felt I missed out on enjoying. Clothing was hard to find – Clothing that was appropriate and fitted correctly. Kidswear gave the assumption that if you are 13 you should fit into age 13 clothing? Whilst on the other hand, womenswear offered a range of garments way beyond appropriate for my age. What I discovered anyhow is how this issue I had faced many moons ago, still stood as a challenge for many young girls today. That’s how I came up with Poise Fashion. An app that solves issues with sizing whilst offering sizes for real retail brands which users can shop on within the app. The app also offers style scenarios which is Poises version of a dress up game. The game allows users to collect points and learn how to dress appropriately for events which they may attend. Poise is a utility, a guide for young girls going out on their own in the fashion retail world. It is a way of independence without relying on anyone else to figure out your size. Poise is the way forward in finding a solution in what fits best and tackling the sensitivity around what is deemed appropriate for teens to wear.

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