Shona Caitlin Delaney

Shona Caitlin Delaney

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


About Me

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Undertaking my degree at Birmingham City University has taken me much further than I expected. Within myself it has helped my confidence to grow and academically has taught me multiple skills and subjects areas.
In my second year I worked part-time at New Look, had an internship and in my final year worked part-time at Waitrose. All of these experiences combined have shaped me as a person and helped me to identify the career path that I would now like to take.

From all of the many valuable and interesting modules that I was taught at University, some of my favourites include Trend Forecasting, Buying and Merchandising, International Retailing and Events Management.

My dissertation title was “Luxury vs High Street: has the consumer affected the layout of retail spaces?”. Research into this examined consumers thoughts and feelings about retail layouts, then how retailers have adapted accordingly.

For my Independent Final Project, I used my dissertation topic as an initial step for research into the area of my Independent Final Project.
I designed T.E.S.S (Travel Essentail Survival Set), a range of toiletry bags. They contain all the essential toiletry items that people need for travelling, coming in various sizes and designs. This module entailed creating a business plan, which included a sales forecast table, detailing prices, profit margins, start-up costs and outgoings.

All the modules and experiences that I have gained have allowed me to explore my creativity and further my business knowledge, which has geared me for a career in the fashion industry. I gained a 2:1 in Buying and Merchandising and it was my favourite module from my time at university, so I would love to pursue a career in Buying in the future. I am aware that due to the current situation (Covid-19), alongside the fact that Buying is a niche market, securing a job in this area may be more difficult. This works well with the fact that I would love to complete further studies; I secured a place on a Masters course (‘International Fashion Management’), so I can further in enhance my knowledge in this field.