Shirley Mo

Shirley Mo



"If you look at a MissGuided store and it looks like a traditional store, we've probably done it wrong." - Nelson from MissGuided, 2018

Studying Fashion Business and Promotion (BA Honours), has given me a great insight of a combination of fashion and business. Aspiring to follow the path of visual merchandising where creativity is tested at every moment.

In collaboration with Selfridges, a store review was arranged to give us an idea of how our ideas may be placed in store. With a detailed presentation given by Selfridges’, Matt Lightfoot and his team, the concept of ‘Radical Luxury’ was the main title specified.

As groups, we were to ask ourselves the meaning of ‘Radical Luxury’; with thorough research and many mood boards a vision of the store was generated. The use of the software, Sketchup, was used throughout this module where it allowed us to create the window display and store space for the brand that were chosen by us.

With close observation to All Saints, a brand awareness and a brand identity was clarified to the extent of where the final range was to be determined.

The use of Illustrator helped with the form of the CADS produced, alongside the colours chosen from the store observations. The tags and colour were also observed around the store to determine the colour scheme of the final range created. Key drivers and trends were also considered greatly for the form and shape of the final range to driver consumers in store.

A great understanding of excel was used along buying and merchandising to produce critical paths for the final range, where all details were considered to the full extent to prepare for all future uses in the buying and merchandising sector.

Visual merchandising inspired me to research into the future of what it will look like in the future, due to the extravagant and competitive looks that store produce to compete alongside the online presence.

With the differences of MissGuided and New Look, the online and store presence of MissGuided is very much different New Look even though they are both targeted are millennials. However, due to the fact that MissGuided started off as an online brand, it is essential that they continue with this presence.
An increase in brands, whether it be online or brick and mortar stores, are slowly providing some sort of technology within their brand, for example, online brands like Public Desire, Samsung, and Victorian are providing the klarna service where you can buy now and pay later.