Shiqi Wang

Shiqi Wang

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020



BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate want to find a job in fashion retailing and digital marketing sector. Through my two years of study at Birmingham City University, I have not only learned about the fashion industry, but also developed a wide range of transferable skills in various fields, such as event management, technology exploration, digital marketing and public relations. In the research of the dissertation, I have developed a keen interest in new VR technology is affecting fashion retail industry for Generation Z in the Chinese market and how to convey it to consumers.


The Dissertation 'Investigating how the latest VR technology in new areas by the demand of Generation Z affects the development of the fashion retail industry and explore opportunities for positive prospects’. Researching the evolution of the Chinese VR market, the old and current examples of VR technology in the fashion retail industry, Chinese Generation Z's habits, behaviours, and features. Further study the impact of VR fashion retail market in the future. The Dissertation can be viewed in Video 1 (Top).

Independent Final Project:
The establishment of Virtual Mirror is to create an immersive try-on experience for consumers. Reflected in ASMR, haptic technology, smell and other technical aspects. The report provides evidence that China’s second- and third-tier cities are also able to purchase luxury goods by analyzing and proving that it has also innovated the luxury goods industry in the Chinese market. This time, due to the integration of the needs of the Chinese market, Chinese style elements have been added. Video 2(Right) is a display of the idea mocks up. Video 3 (left) is a display of event management.

Through the study of these two modules, I have spent a lot of energy on the visual layout, and always maintain my personal style of layout, mainly bright colours. In 'Independent Final Project', use marketing marterials to create a combination of technology and fashion across all platforms display my skills in digital marketing and fashion retailing.