Shazmin Hawanatu Shannon Cole

Shazmin Hawanatu Shannon Cole

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Final Major Project I Voice

Big conversations inspire. But small conversations create change. To make an impact, we need both. (Warner, 2016)

Can conversations lead to real change? Turning voices into actions

A recent graduate from BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion, aspiring towards a career in fashion and marketing . Over the past 3 years I have gained an interest have become inspired by building content that address the new movement of of the younger multicultural consumer.

Through further research into generation z and millennial I was able to gain an insight on how this generation has changed. ‘An Exploration Into The UK Music Scene’s Influence On Gen-Z Future Political And Cultural Landscape’ became the topic of discussion for my dissertation. Questioning music’s influence on the younger generation, both primary and secondary researched proved how they have become more audio stimulated, showing why the UK Music scene could influence this generation. With the rise of more black artist addressing issues such as politics, mental health, and education, these became popular topics in peers amongst younger consumers. Along With a shift of value with this consumer becoming more progressive music became the perfect influence on this generation.

With more black musicians become influencers on this generation with their music, they still seemed to gain the negative a perception. Many stereotypes such as loud and aggressive got mistaken for passion. This then acted as motivation for me to create the brand Voice for my Final Major Project. Voice encourages their audience to discuss different topic in a safe space and push them to make a difference. Voice engages with the consumer by allowing their voice to be heard and make changes within their community.

Breaking the norm and challenging existing opinions on the younger generations, Voice redefines what generation z and millennial's are perceived as, while celebrating the achievements done by this generation. Voice offers series of 3 events over a period of a year, where progressive debates and interaction is started with the support of podcasts and music. An app where latest events and articles will be featured on including the latest music and podcasts that all have positive message behind it. As well as a digital mag and online manifesto, outlining everything discussed within events, covering topics such as education, housing, youth & politics as well as tackling discrimination.

‘It’s time to make our voices heard’
Shazmin Hawanatu Shannon Cole