Sharlea Sykes

Sharlea Sykes

Sharlea Sykes


Pathway: Design for Performance 2019



Constitutional Radicalism is political and social justice in society but to me it stands for the justice for women in society. It is the fight that began in 1903 with the suffragettes that is still relevant over 100 years later in 2019.
One may hear the word feminism and immediately think of radical women chaining themselves to the railings outside parliament, preaching their hate for the male species and expecting the world to fall at their feet. When the true definition of a feminist is someone who believes in the social, economical and political equality of the sexes.

The aim for my final major project brief was to design two outfits to coin-side with the ‘Votes for Women’ sash that was part of a collaboration for the xCHANGE Festival 2019, taking place at BCU between 1st-28th March. This year being the second festival for the xCHANGE team, they wanted a sash to represent women and equality to be worn throughout the month by members of staff around BCU campus. Alongside the sash, I planned to curate the two outfits for a short film about the Suffragettes march for women’s rights. I chose to base my final major project on the suffragettes and feminism because even today in 2019 there is still issues being faced by women all over the world where misogynistic men belittle women’s rights. Personally, I have been affected by such issues in the past despite growing up in a strong female orientated family which gave me an emotionally strong connection to constitutional radicalism as my chosen subject matter.