Shannon Ryder

Shannon Ryder

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: A Phygital Experience

A Phygital Experience; Merging the physical with the digital
Bringing the Phygital into the value retail market by engaging consumers through a multichannel marketing concept.
A recent graduate in Fashion Business and Promotion from Birmingham City University. Gaining creative and business skills for marketing through work experience and university projects. Aspiring to pursue a career in marketing, my final year focused on engaging consumers in the value retail market. Which lead me to be passionate on creating a phygital experience for commercial use.

With the saturated value retail market in need for brands to be more innovative, through their shopping experience, and the Mobile App market having healthy growth, this led to development of a multichannel marketing concept. This was developed through primary research and exploring what retail stores are currently using compared to F&F’s marketing strategy. The final outcome is an App and Digital screen concept, offering suggestions, blog and video content, which enables the consumer to shop in store and on the go.

The concept was thoroughly researched and justified, being presented through a full professional business plan which included a five year financial plan, accompanied by a marketing strategy book looking into each detail of the concept and how it will be conveyed to the consumer.

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