Shannon Devi

Shannon Devi

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Modest Life

"Modesty brings nothing but good" - Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)

Modest Life is a printed lifestyle magazine focused on combining Islam and British culture. Targeting 16-25 year old males and females allows Modest Life to unite young British Muslims, giving them a space where they can appreciate both faith and culture.
As businesses are thriving with technology, it is important for Modest Life to offer something different and be unique as many consumers said they were looking for something physical to read due to the saturation of online blogs and YouTube channels (Devi, 2020). This offers a space for Modest Life to target the consumer while also having a competitive advantage.
Modest Life is a unique magazine for both Muslims and non-Muslims who are interested in learning about Islam and culture. The magazine focuses on Islamic art, food and clothing. These three categories show how it has influenced western society and also how young Muslims have adapted their lifestyle combining their Islamic values and British culture.
With constant negativity within the media on Islam, Modest Life aims to provide a place of positivity and fun for people of all backgrounds.

A marketing and PR strategy focusing on Islamophobia in the UK with the aim to raise awareness and ultimately resulting in a change of perception. With constant reference to market analysis, trends and metrics, combined with SOSTAC, POSTAR and SWOT allowed a thorough understanding of the topic. A 4000 word report and photoshop mock ups concluded the final outcome. This particular module sparked my interest and passion for marketing with combining research, analysis and creativity; it is the perfect sector for me.

A written essay exploring how Fenty Beauty to India would be beneficial and a success into entering a new global market. The use of internal + external analysis and threats and opportunities analysis were useful in providing an internationalisation strategy for successful business growth.

Shannon Devi