Serina Laleriya

Serina Laleriya

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017




The future is already here, it's just unevenly distributed. - William Gibson
YOUGLAM, an app and website that brings the art of instant gratification and self optimisation to your finger tips. It's beauty on tap!
A recent graduate in Fashion Business and Promotion from Birmingham City University.

For my final major project, I created YOUGLAM, an interactive app that simplifies every individuals daily beauty ritual. YOUGLAM is a brand new multi-feature app for smartphones and tablets, delivering on-demand hair, makeup, nail and waxing services in the comfort of your own home. YOUGLAM delivers a service that allows users to browse, engage, shop the glam, earn points and request beauty services tailored to individuals location and schedules. After establishing a prominent gap in the beauty market for a digital tool and highlighting a demand for a platform offering all on trend beauty services on one medium; the intention is to launch YOUGLAM in september 2018, a global accessible app and website extension, thus bringing together technology and beauty, the perfect pairing. The final outcome is an app and digital screen concept, offering a social forum, blog and video content, which enables consumers to shop the glam online and request services.

YOUGLAM is the future of beauty and lifestyle shopping, transforming traditional salons to the digital and augmented reality in which most generations are familiar with. The multi channel beauty and lifestyle concept gives consumers the opportunity to engage with others and rediscover beauty services within their communities.

The concept was thoroughly researched and justified, being presented through a full professional business plan which included a cash flow forecast, accompanied by a brand conception website looking into the features and functions of the app and marketing video content.

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