Scarlett Oakes

Scarlett Oakes

Scarlett Oakes

COURSE: Textiles 2020


Constructed Textiles 2020


.:Please :Do: Touch..:..::

Textile designs that evoke the idea of Braille sequences, presenting raised dots that make up Braille in an abstract way.

Dotted clusters in random rhythms rather than structured ones.

My textile outcomes have been designed to provide the desired texture for visually impaired consumers to interpret, with design features that are familiar to the touch and have a tactile interest that give a sense of comfort to visually-impaired consumers who use Braille within their daily lives.

Gathering feedback from my target audience (speaking to sighted and visually impaired consumers), mainly gathering key insights from my Grandma who is registered fully blind, I understood what textural features were desirable and had significance to my target audience.

Gaining this feedback allowed me to produce textile materials that would enhance this type of consumer experience when handling my fabrics.

Braille has inspired my design elements, using various yarns to form abstract clusters of raised dots.

My final fabrics have carefully thought out design features, allowing for interaction and comfort when felt.

These woven fabrics can be used in fashion and interior contexts such as a feature scarf, sleeve suggestion, placement design for a top, and an interior wall hanging.

Creating fabrics that aren’t just visually exciting, but also offer tactile elements is important to me as a textile designer. This offers an additional element to a visual consumer, as well as textural meaning and importance.
Scarlett Oakes