Sarah Zemour

Sarah Zemour

COURSE: Fashion Branding & Communication 2020


Styling and Creative Direction

Born in Paris, found myself in Birmingham.

My styling inspirations come from vintage luxury, new trends, Japanese animés and fantastic worlds. I am also very into street culture, especially from my home country: France.

I want my aesthetic to be a mix of Gucci by Allessandro Michéle, Vêtements by Demna Gvasalia and stylists Vanille Verloës and Anna Trevelyan (moodboard on the right).

I like playing with emotions and challenging the concepts of natural and superficial together. I studied a lot Camp fashion during my third year and I really felt connected to it by its psychology and creativity.

Creating something new with creations of others, that is how I see styling and creative direction. Playing with textures, styles, colours and superposition reminds me a lot of a work of Art.

My path through literature, applied Arts and Fashion challenged me everyday into developing my creative thinking and pushed me to always step out of the box. I have no interest in doing something that has already been done. I can genuinely say I am working hard on my thinking process to create something different each time.

My main aim in life is to work within the fashion industry, I cannot see myself doing anything else, creating imagery by absorbing everything that is happening in the world to transform it is really something I appreciate. I could see myself as a freelance stylist in the future, but could also do well as an in-house stylist or as being part of an agency.

Please see my Instagram on the right for my full portfolio.
Sarah Zemour