Sarah Britton

Sarah Britton

Sarah Britton




“Streetwear speaks to a highly influential young audience that the high fashion industry desperately needs to get in touch with” (Mansel Fletcher, 2018)


A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate aspiring to find a role within the Visual Marketing sector. Through my studies I have developed a wide range of transferable skills across a variety of sectors such as Digital Marketing and PR, Events Management, Buying, Styling and Branding to name a few. After writing my Dissertation and then developing the concept into my Final Major Project I have developed a keen interest in subcultures, streetwear culture and the impact it is has had on the luxury market and how this is communicated to consumers.

Final Major Project:

Minted is an emerging online platform which allows luxury brands to rent their clothing in particular their streetwear styled products to social media influencers and eager fashion-conscious Generation Z consumer. Minted’s goal is to provide a solution to the damaging impact the fast fashion industry has on the environment and to encourage young consumers the importance of shopping sustainably and showing them, it can be fashionable. Video 2 (Left) is a display of the digital platform. Once customers have subscribed, they have access to a wide range of designers alongside a quarter yearly digital zine keeping them up to date on the industry and Look book. Video 1 (Top) is a walkthrough of Minted’s Business plan detailing their marketing mix, operations, cash flow and market research.


The Dissertation ‘How has the remodelling of social class and shift in subcultures impacted streetwear today and how it has influenced luxury brands and their marketing techniques towards Generation Z?’ explores the origin of streetwear and its subcultures, the impact social class has on these subcultures and their consumerism, how the trend has trickled up and infiltrated the luxury sector and their marketing habits and how brands target Generation Z through their social media and drop dates. The Dissertation can be viewed in Video 1 (Top).

Throughout both modules, the visual layout was carefully considered to reflect each concept whilst keeping a consistent layout throughout. During the Final Major Project appropriate marketing material was created to establish a strong brand identity across all platforms displaying my skills within visual marketing.