Samuel Oldroyd

Samuel Oldroyd

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2021


BLOC: To Support the next fashion orientated entrepreneurs

This project was influenced by my chosen major project "During the past five years, how has the Fashion Digital Micro-Business sector been influenced by Generation-Z". This study was to explore the emerging industry which is being motivated by Gen-Z's. Primarily looking at how this generation is aiming towards creating their own career instead of a traditional corporate career. The project explored this theory and was able to gain industry professional opinions from the Federation of Small Businesses and the British Independent Retail Association to support this. Also speaking to numerous Gen-Z fashion business owners and their opinions on why the market is growing at an increasing rate.

BLOC was developed as an application to support the next generation of fashion-orientated entrepreneurs. This platform would allow BLOC members to gain industry knowledge about their specific sector, have personal mentors, the latest fashion insights, and build relationships with other like-minded people. This would build a community that will grow together and generates success along the way.

"91 percent of Generation-Z plan to start, or possibly, start their own business sometime in future" which means that the majority of this demographic want to build something for themselves. With this information, a support platform with experienced industry professionals to help guide the Gen-Z aspiring entrepreneurs would be beneficial towards the fashion industry.

My desired career path is either in buying or merchandising. This project allowed me to show both my creative and academic skills that would apply to either job role.

Both the Major Project and the Final Major Project achieved a first.