Samantha Leason

Samantha Leason



Take Responsibility


“Consumers don’t align their environmental beliefs with their fashion buying habits. And do you know why that is? Because ignorance is bliss.”

Fashion Business & Promotion graduate with a fresh outlook on sustainability, innovative ideas and consumer-focused concepts, aiming to produce a movement towards a more circular and transparent industry.
With a keen eye for creativity, visual communication and marketing, I am seeking for a role in sustainable marketing and branding, where I have developed relevant and transferable skills throughout university to be competent and excel in this area.

My dissertation proposed a behaviour found in consumers who are environmentally conscious, but are still enticed to make purchase decisions that do not align with their environmental beliefs. Examining the reasoning and psychology behind this behaviour, it was concluded that future recommendations need to be consumer-focused, brands need to be more transparent and synergy must be created through marketing to produce a change with brands and consumers.
Thus, leading to a proposal of a scheme to innovate this behaviour, with an aim to slow down the cycle of fast fashion by changing consumer mind sets towards their responsibility within this movement.
Final Major Project saw the creation of this innovative concept, in the form of biodegradable, interactive labels and posters to be sent to the consumer in ASOS parcels. These posters lead to an educational website that promotes fashion sustainability and enlightens consumers on how best to care, wash and dispose of their garments, pushing to reduce and eventually eliminate the problem of water usage, pollution and fashion waste.

The key concepts for this new media and business developed from key drivers and research that demonstrated a gap in the market to better inform consumers of fashion sustainability and their impact on the environment with a message within the garments themselves. Furthermore, it was established that 65% of target consumers would be more enticed to pay attention to information on a label if it was interactive- hence QR codes and the interactive element of linking in the HP Reveal app.

The initiative aims to:
• To raise awareness of the topical and extremely relevant subject of fashion sustainability
• Encourage a change in behaviour and opinion on fashion items and recycling
• To reduce environmental damage through water usage, pollution and the volume of fashion waste filling landfill
• To promote ASOS’s sustainability commitment and produce a rise in sales in sustainable clothing.

These aims can be met through this scheme by focusing on alternative approaches of slowing down the cycle of fast fashion and marketing it in a fresh and contemporary way.