Saira-Bano mahmood

Saira-Bano mahmood

Saira-Bano mahmood





A graduate in BA (Hons) Fashion, Business and Promotion, aspiring for a role in Visual Merchandising. The aspiration stems from a passion to design and create new ideas to promote my freelance henna and makeup business. Creating a product stand, eye catching display and store layouts to engage customers to buy products through my experience in various sale sectors has allowed to further my knowledge and experience in perusing a career in visual merchandising as, I have had first-hand experience in Visual Merchandising in Selfridges, Huda beauty, Currys/PC World and Zara. This has led me to have excellent organisational skills, improved my time keeping and furthered my negotiation skills. I also have a creative flair and imagination which is a strong quality I possess as it allows me to complete tasks efficiently.


The dissertation titled, ‘How social influencers are helping to break the norms/stereotypes of modesty in the middle east and the implications for the future fashion industry.’ This explores how modesty is not just religious movement however, it is a trend practiced globally by non-Muslims too. A collaboration with a top modest fashion brand, Modanisa with high street brand Asos to create a sustainable, modest athleisure line.

Final Major project

Continuing from dissertation, my Final Major Project idea stems from the research carried out in my dissertation. Modsos, a line which incorporates modest clothing with athleisure while bringing sustainable lifestyle to the forefront. The Modanisa collaboration with Asos will also, offer organic clothing (GMO- free plants) as this is better for the environment and climate.

This shows 70% of e-commerce traffic occurring from smartphones many brands primary source of delivering services is online. Modsos is a modest athleisure line which is in collaboration with Modanisa and Asos. The athleisure line aimed at women is an innovation as it allows women to feel empowered, modest and comfortable. There is an ‘appetite for modest clothing, expected to be worth more than £294bn by 2022’ (Weinswig, 2017).

Being modest has moved on from being a religious attribute to being a movement and somewhat a fashion trend. One main purpose of this modest line is to bring awareness that modesty is not just a an Islamic attribute however, it is a modest movement practised by many across the globe.

Saira-Bano mahmood