Saffiah Noel-Tracey

Saffiah Noel-Tracey

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2020


Fashion Business Portfolio

‘An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail’ – Edwin Land

Fashion Business and Promotion graduate with a key interest in the importance of holistic wellness and sustainability. I strongly believe in the use of innovative digital ideas and consumer- focused concepts within the fashion and beauty sectors. With a keen eye for creativity, digital marketing, communications and events, I am actively seeking a role within Digital Marketing and PR.

Throughout my time at university I have developed relevant transferable skills some of which I have detailed below.

Final Major Project

“Sleep Peacefully with Wake”

‘Wake’ is an online holistic wellness and fashion brand. It is the first fashion brand to incorporate the wellness benefits of essential oils into clothes through the process of micro-encapsulation. The concept was formed through key drivers, market sector trends, primary and secondary research. An in-depth business plan was created, which included concept break down, SWOT analysis, marketing mix, operations and consumer analysis. In addition, Marketing and PR strategies, mock-ups and a digital website was created using Adobe creative cloud.


A 6000-word essay that questioned and explored how sustainable fashion is evolving to incorporate more holistic approaches to aid in inclusivity and wellness matters. Through a collection of primary and secondary research into consumer characteristics, market sectors, brand case studies, past and historical theories a digital and printed dissertation was produced.

Marketing and PR

A Visual and Written Marketing and PR strategy for a leading clean water charity called Thirst in collaboration with Highland Springs. A detailed report was conducted using SOSTAC and POSTAR, customer and audience segmentation, marketing and PR metrics. In addition, both Marketing and PR mock-up were designed using photoshop to visually showcase my ideas.

Placement Module

Working with Cantu Beauty a leading natural hair brand in the UK, allowed me to further develop my digital marketing skills through the creation of animated social media Instagram stories, made on premiere pro and aftereffects. The animations were made with the purpose of creating a fun way to interact with consumers via Instagram to promote one of their new product launches.