COURSE: Textiles

Pathway: Printed Textiles and Surface Design


Surface Pattern & Print.

This collection is comprised of various versatile interiors and fashion applications in order to affect people’s perceptions and raise the awareness of the environmental impact of HS2. The designs reflect different species and their natural habitats which are adapting radically to the drastic environmental changes made to the planned route. Inspiration has been taken from the core fascination of nature and architecture fiercely battling each other in everyday life and how wildlife persistently adapts to the changes being made by people. In contrast, moving forward in time the big high-speed scheme currently under procedure illustrates how the architectural affair of the need to adapt to the lives of nature in order to create a sustainable future. Overall, the collection considers a sustainable approach transitioning from Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer for longevity wear of each design.

Each individual print symbolizes a particular habitat and its species the HS2 aims to conserve, reconstruct and intends to enhance the habitats affected by its construction. Primary markings from architectural groundings and observational drawn elements of mammals are fused to create a fresh vibrant palette with exciting compositional prints which transition in tone for versatile wear. Abstract patterns and detailed drawings are integrated to visually stimulate an enthusiastic expression, creating stylized yet conscious designs.