Sade Wheatley-Holmes

Sade Wheatley-Holmes

COURSE: Fashion 2017

Pathway: Garment Technology 2017

TITLE: FMP - Collaboration with Industry


Exploring Bridal Wear with Ellie Lowe
I have worked with an independent bridal designer based in Gloucestershire, taking her pieces through the full manufacture process.
The objective of my FMP was to seek out my own collaboration with an industry expert. I have been working alongside Ellie Lowe, an independent designer who works from her own studio based in Gloucestershire. All her pieces are made by herself, placing an emphasis on final hand finishes and details. The main aim of this project was to take two complete outfits through a full manufacture process, from creating my own specification charts, technical packs and manufacturing process, through to the final fits and garments.
The process involved three fit session, each identifying issues which needed to be resolved, as well as any areas which did not need any amendments.
The whole process has enabled me to explore and develop a range of skills needed as a garment technologist, for example, grading, creating size charts and working out lay plans and costings.
It has been an invaluable experience and I look forward to applying these skills to a future position.
Sade Wheatley-Holmes

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