Sabrina Kaur Dhesi

Sabrina Kaur Dhesi



Marketing - Digital Marketing - PR

Dissertation - Competition - Final Major Project

In my Dissertation I studied the Middle East and how are global brands responding and acclimating to its culture via marketing. It aims to probe into the culture within the Middle East and scrutinise how global brands accustom their marketing campaigns to appeal to the Middle East consumer and how it is maturing. In contemporary society, agencies tend to invest more money in global marketing in the Western World (North America followed by Western Europe) as opposed to the Middle East, as they are spending the least. (Statista, 2018).

SK (SinghKaur) is a new streetwear brand that is aimed at individuals aged 16 - 25. In a traditional society where genders are segregated, SK is an upcoming brand that will be promoting unisex clothing. SK is aimed for British Indians to embrace their culture/religion, as cultural values are incorporated, but also an opportunity to bring modernity to Sikhism.

Key Features
- 10% of our earnings, every year, will be given to charity; Sikh Relief – Dasvandh
- Unisex products
- Partnered with a grooming brand – Debonair for Men – against religion to cut hair so many Sikhs have a lot of hair.
- A blog which will act as a community – consumers are able to chat to each other about advice, fashion and also be informed about up-to-date events on fashion, culture, society & music within the society.
- How-to-style our products
- Will have men and women products due to some items not being wearable and sized differently by the opposing gender.

- Embracing the culture, the consumer grew up in
- Be a part of a community that will make a change in society
- Stay modern but also religious
- Helping charity
- Being on-trend

Company Goal & Objectives
- Raise awareness and educate the public about the Sikh society
- Bring two genders together that are segregated in Sikhism
- To make money and gain popularity
- Ensure the culture is strong for future generations

Following the exploration of how global brands are responding and acclimating to the Middle East culture via marketing within my Dissertation and creating a new brand within my Final Major Project, I have developed a passion for marketing strategies (& digital marketing) and PR and seek to build a career within this sector.