Ross McLeish

Ross McLeish

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017




“My practice is based on style not disposable fashion, I would totally embrace and use a service like this.”
Harris Elliott, Stylist and Creative Director
Ross McLeish is a freelance stylist and founder of A is for Archive, a physical platform which specialises in the hiring of designer archived pieces for the use of stylists and celebrities.

His styling career started in August 2015, since then he has been lucky enough to have worked with clients such as, Kasabian, Gorillaz, Kswiss, Fred Perry, G-star Raw and Vans to name a few. His editorial portfolio can be viewed via the bottom video located on the right hand side.

His latest business venture, AIFA, born from his constant personal wardrobe sourcing at fashion shoots offers a service no one in Europe is yet to offer. A is for Archive was created to give an alternative hiring process for stylist and celebrities. This exclusive consumer base will have the opportunity to source rare and bespoke pieces from past designer collections, going against the conventional PR Agency hiring process, in which consumers hire current and future stock for clients.

With tens of high end and exclusive brands at the finger tips of the consumer at its London based showroom, these once stored away garments have the opportunity to be celebrated and used for what were intended to be used for, to be worn.

In collaboration with Mon Du Travail, a 20 minute documentary was filmed to give the audience an in-depth insight into the Archive, how it works, the brands it stocks and the consumer it targets. This short film can be found in the top right hand corner.

Entitled Catalogue, the portrait video showcases the rare and bespoke pieces the Archive has to offer. Front shots of the garment are captured in controlled studio conditions, with the Archive stocking 20 brands with over 80 pieces in storage it has a wide array of selection that is sure too meet the demand of any stylist.

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