Rosie Gee

Rosie Gee

Rosie Gee

COURSE: Textiles

Pathway: Embroidered Textiles



The Palpable collection provides dramatic, tactile embroidered surfaces for couture fashion that showcase bold colour statements and exquisite technique.

Hand embroidery techniques are used to create intricate designs that highlight sophisticated craftsmanship.

Taking inspiration from beautifications in nature, the Palpable collection aims to tempt the innate need to touch using the concept of sensory overload as way of intriguing the senses. Each design in the collection has been hand crafted through, utilising the initial unique technical drawings and illustrative motifs.

Being so passionate about craftsmanship, the collection features traditional hand embroidery techniques such as goldwork and tambour beading. Each design focuses on the quality of stitch and materiality to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The interjection of hand crafted 3D embellishments provides a contrasting contemporary twist on traditional embroidery- decorating the final surfaces with a lavish dominance.