Rosie Church

Rosie Church

Rosie Church

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018



A recent graduate in BA (HONS) Fashion Business and Promotion, I am aspiring for a role within marketing. I am looking to create and communicate content that aligns with a range of demographics.

"Global interest in Africa is igniting and appetitie for new personalties is growing" WGSN,2018

Through investigations for my dissertation, 'Inclusive Beauty' I was able to conclude that the fashion and beauty industry lacked inclusivity and there currently was demographics with purchasing power that were being overlooked. This then motivated me to create a business that would celebrate and give recognition to African tailoring.
The Docuseries details the beginning of our concept, the vision behind the brand and a behind the scenes of our photoshoot for our 'La Belle Époque' look book. It is also an ode to my Congolese heritage with influences from Papa Wemba who pioneered 'LA SAPE' (Society of Ambiance Makers and Elegant People) a subculture within Kinshasha,DRC. Within the docuseries popular song by soukous band Franco, Le TPOK Jazz is a song noted by my parents as a song which reminds them of their childhood.

FIÈRE is an online e-commerce website which seeks to reclaim and reaffirm African culture. FIÈRE is all about moving tailors from word of mouth communication to the internet, where they can showcase their talents and reach a wide range of people. The brand aims to give longstanding tailors from the African community recognition.

'La Belle Époque' look book takes us on a journey back home to celebrate the vibrant spirits and energies captivating the young diaspora today. FIÈRE promotes rediscovery and reclamation; taking back ownership of African culture and empowering others to tell the authentic African story.

I would like to make a change for representation; I feel that diversity and inclusion is essential within marketing if brands want to maintain brand loyalty with their consumers.
My degree has equipped me with the knowledge to create marketing campaigns and timelines. Additionally my industry experience has helped me gain insight into the importance of consumer awareness and how to apply this to communicate messages that align with relevant consumers.