Roseve Courtenay

Roseve Courtenay

Roseve Courtenay

COURSE: Textiles

Pathway: Embroidered Textiles


Disintegration Integration


Cultures are defined by their shared customs and behavioural patterns. Social and geographical disruption is reported in the news every day with serious consequences to the human condition and its future environment. Social disintegration results from human-related and natural causes, for example, war, terrorism inter-racial disputes. Societies and families are broken apart by forced migration. However, societies evolve, adapt and absorb foreign cultures.

The visual expression of these concepts resulted in a collection of samples for a fashion application.
Each sample portrays a story: cultures displaced and fragmented represented by sharp contrasts in the colour palette and textile patterns. In contrast, visual evidence of cultural absorbance and integration is represented by mergence patterns. The collection comprises a combination of denim, leather and polyester velvet for Spring summer market.