Rosamund Benton-Hutchings

Rosamund Benton-Hutchings

Rosamund Benton-Hutchings

COURSE: Fashion 2021


Garment Technology 2021


in Collaboration with Stella McCartney

A concept of trendlessness

“eliminating the concept of waste.”

Having had experience working within luxury fashion, I wanted to explore the sector because it would challenge me to work to a high standard and be very self-critical to achieve the quality of garments expected from a luxury fashion brand.

My long-term consciousness of the need for more sustainable ways of working led me to choose to collaborate with Stella McCartney. The brand has been finding alternatives to traditional materials since it was founded in 2001 and have become serious competitors in the luxury fashion market, despite using materials such as vegan leather and sustainable viscose. Fashion is the world’s second largest polluting industry, so it is imperative that we tackle the issue.

“You shouldn’t sacrifice style, fashionability or
quality just because you’re working in this way.”
– Stella McCartney, Vogue, 2021

Over the course of my FMP I developed 3 garments which make up 1 full outfit, overseeing the production process from pattern cutting and grading to tech packs, testing and quality assurance.
Rosamund Benton-Hutchings