Rhianna Matthews

Rhianna Matthews

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2017


TITLE: Hyper Consumption


Contemporary minimalism is not about the idealized absence of things but about using the absence of things to enhance the meaning of what we chose to retain.
Being surrounded by influential and creative individuals during my studies has encouraged me to challenge and advance my skills ready for my professional pursuits. Whilst touching on individual aspects of the industry has allowed me to gain a variety of knowledge to carry on with me throughout my career, the independent and self-motivating studies for my dissertation and final major project granted me the opportunity to hone in on this knowledge.

Exploring and analysing the physical and psychological effects of hyper-consumption on modern society for my dissertation uncovered the ever growing community of new minimalists and create a service to provide for their wants. With the use of primary and secondary research, I targeted this small but ever-growing group of consumers who wanted to change their idealised version of a successful self. MIIN is a mobile tracking app that analyses an individual’s fashion consumption, allowing access to items already owned by the consumer in an effort to control the over consumption of unnecessary products. The app grew out of an established gap in the app and fashion market for a minimalist app, identifying the desire for more conscious shopping.

With the nation having £4.6 billion worth of unused clothes sitting in their wardrobes (Fashion United, 2016), the aim of MIIN is to change users attitudes towards shopping whilst encouraging a market-wide deeper consideration of purchases made, whilst also promoting conscious consumption. Using the future of the fashion industry to the advantage of the app will allow for further advancements and appeal from consumers, bridging the gap between minimalist living and fast fashion.

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