Rebecca Mills

Rebecca Mills

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Rebecca Mills Portfolio

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." Albert Einstein.

This collection of creative outcomes displays my Digital Marketing, PR and Branding module, International Retailing project and Dissertation.

Personal Profile
A recent graduate with a degree in Fashion Business and Promotion from Birmingham City University seeking a career within the events sector. A highly organised, punctual, hardworking individual with strong communication skills as well as a creative flair. Keen to develop and gain more experience within the events industry.

Digital Marketing, Branding and PR
Creating a marketing strategy and marketing mix were the two creative outcomes for this module. This included designing social media and email campaigns in order to promote the fashion brand Novem and Knight. Which as a result should 
maximise sales and brand awareness Novem and Knight should consider developing their brand by designing a pop up shop and creating an online magazine. These innovative 
outcomes would also enable their consumers to gain a clear brand message and image.

International Retailing
Researching Joe and the Juice in depth allowed me to identify where stores are missing within the geographic market as well as identifying their position within the market entry sector. Further exploration included analysing contextual issues within the industry and identifying key drivers.

Consumerism: Are the Millennial Generation driven by Digital Influencers? Engaging in an independent and in-depth research study I investigated through both primary and secondary research whether the Millennial Generation and driven by Digital Influencers. This study allowed me to develop critical thinking techniques in an appropriate manor, as well as providing opportunities to generate and communicate strong ideas.