Rebecca Louise Johnstone

Rebecca Louise Johnstone

Rebecca Louise Johnstone



Chained: a peer-to-peer rental service, offering the foundation for new forms of automated economic interactions and sustainable ownership management.

A BA (Hons) Fashion Business and Promotion graduate, aspiring to secure a role within the creative marketing sector. Looking for a dynamic, city based, multidisciplinary role within the contemporary luxury fashion landscape. Final year studies have sparked an interest within consumer subcultures with the hope to apply this knowledge to lifestyle brands.

// "A study into the monetary revolution of cryptocurrencies", explores the relationship between the cryptocurrency consumer and the luxury streetwear market.

Conclusions: Crypto-affluents are attracted luxury streetwear as a status symbol within the community as it connotes money and power whilst still being rooted in reality. There is evidence to suggest that the next tribe to adopt the monetary movement of cryptocurrencies is Generation Z as they are susceptible to the hype culture around the topic. They are a tribe where money has exclusively been made of numbers in a digital record. It is only natural for Gen Z to adopt cryptocurrency natively and be the early majority tribe to adopt this innovation.


// NEW BUSINESS IDEA, making wearing clothes an earning opportunity.

Chained is pioneering the circular economy of luxury clothing, using blockchain technology to create a service which allows members to monetise on their fashion items using smart contracts. The digital twin of a physical fashion item, through assigned smart tags. Smart tags uncovers and preserves items unique history and value through factors such as authenticity, provenance and previous ownership. The new-found knowledge about a fashion item then becomes a source of luxury in its own. Through new interaction channels on the Chained blockchain, members become curators and collaborators. They may now engage in a seamless brand experience along their physical, digital, and virtual touch points. Through the clear identification and authentication of items. Chained creates a secondary fashion economy which provides safe access to unique and rare pieces.

This idea was communicated within an entire digital package, including;, Business Plan, Marketing Strategy, Media Plan, App, Whitepaper and Style Guide.

Throughout both modules, visual layout has been carefully considered to relate to and reflect each concept. Particularly within FMP, suitable marketing material has been created to demonstrate and visualise the strong brand identity, highlighting skills within branding and creative marketing.