Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones


Pathway: Design for Performance 2019



I have been working with a musician/whirling dervish/fire whirling performer, creating costumes that use symbolic counterparts to create a peaceful balance. The basic structure of the costumes are influenced by outfits worn by my client's creative influences, David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury, and Prince, which were then expanded on to create symbolic meaning.

The symbolic counterparts connect through facts, symbolism, and imagery, with femininity represented by Taoisms Yin (black), water (blue), and intelligence (the snake), while masculinity is represented by Taoisms Yang (white), fire (red, orange and yellow), and brawn (the ram). The designs also consider Greek/Turkish relations, the discourse that dates back to the Ottoman Empire, and the current climate (specifically looking at relations in Cyprus).

Designer: Rebecca E D Jones -
Performer: Panatellis Georgallas -
Photography: Scallyway Fox -
Makeup: Lily MT -
Rebecca Jones