Rebecca Jane Finney

Rebecca Jane Finney

COURSE: Fashion 2016 Graduate Fashion Week 2016

Pathway: Design Womenswear 2016

TITLE: The Anatomy Of Survival

We are not peddlers of the fashionable. I believe that good design defies fashion through true innovation
From every wound there is a scar, with every scar there is a story. A story that says " i survived".
They say that success isn’t given, its earned. This is something that resonates with me as I have an intense passion to develop my skills in not just design, but encapsulating a consumer in a story that makes them believe that they are a part of the product. Sportswear design gives me the opportunity to combine my two passions in life, sports and fashion. It’s all in the details, designing to combine style with technical fabrics that will result in innovative fashion and fitness apparel.
This passion for sports and design was further amplified during my internships with adidas and Reebok. My internship with Adidas as a Sport performance apparel designer gave me the opportunity to develop my skills extensively. I gained a more comprehensive understanding of the design process from brand concept direction to product design and market delivery. Working with other designers to create a collection that speaks the same design language but also allows each designer to incorporate their own creativity and style is something that has enabled my design and fabric knowledge to grow. My internship with Reebok gave me the opportunity to gain experience in designing for the American market. I was able to further develop skills in Illustrator and working within a differently structured company.
Volunteering is something I am very passionate about. I recently volunteered in a hospital for terminally ill children in South Africa which allowed me to see the world in a completely different light. This led me to challenge myself to climb Mount Kilimanjaro raising £6000 for charity.

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