Rebecca Howland

Rebecca Howland

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2018


Black Book

I was on a bus, Hugh Hefner had died and then I had an epiphany.

"young models can often be the victims of a lack of information, that could protect them in the industry" - Daisy walker (Women In Fashion)

Black Book is a mobile application available on apple and android stores. The application aims to create a community which supports, promotes and educates young models specifically designed to be Generation Vis friendly. The App is not limited to the digital world, monthly meet ups are arranged in safe spaces for members to come together and have insightful conversations with each other and leading industry experts. The application also encourages members to meet with ‘coaches’ in the local area to gain one to one physical support and development.
Other features of the application include:
• GPS location flagging - This service will beam the location of the user and record the time duration spent in that exact location. If everything has been ok they can simply dismiss the function at the end of the session or choose to report an issue.
• Personal login - linked directly to the agencies current bookings software will allow for confirmation of jobs to be delivered via the app to the model.
• Digital coaching – will provide support in which ever way the user chooses e.g. via written content, pre-recorded video content or voice enabled digital assistance.
• Live streaming – if a member can not make it to a monthly meet up, there is an option to live stream the talk and download key points to the users IBook’s.
• Positive news feed – There will be a social media like element to the app. Users can interact with each other and post positive news from the industry, recommendations, wellbeing advice and acknowledge cultural news from around the world.
• Local food – when the user opens up the coaching map they will be able to find local restaurants and cafes that prepare healthy food. This will be particularly useful to models who may be in an unfamiliar location for a casting or shoot.

Why ?
Initial research uncovered an overwhelming lack of support to young models and new faces starting out in the modelling industry.
Primary research revealed ‘There are rumours among the industry that girls have committed sexual acts in the name of doing what ever it takes to get the job’ when interviewing Evelyn Henderson (model). Another model also said ‘I have been sent to various locations where I felt very uncomfortable, for example a casting held in a hotel room with just one man in the room. On a lingerie test shoot the photographer was making slightly inappropriate comments’
Not only is it all about making young models feel safe but it is also providing them with the basic information and tools to aid their day to day lives. A common theme when questioning models first hand was that, they wish they had better support with planning transport routes and advice on how to sustain a healthy diet.

About Rebecca:
- Fashion business and promotion BA (Hons) student graduating from Birmingham City university; now looking to pursue a career within brand marketing.
- Black Book concept shortlisted for the new media award, at the 2018 London graduate fashion week.
- Own creative identity & has an Eye for detail.
- Confident in using Adobe creative softwares.
- Up to date with current affaires.

Instagram marketing manager for childrenswear brand Ticklish Kids
visual Merchandiser for Selfridges
Stylist for Allsaints
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