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You & Others

A fashion business and promotion student interested in the Marketing and PR industry. A unique and confident person with a strong work ethic and 5 years’ experience working in retail. University has allowed me to explore all sections of the fashion industry and to apply the skills gained into everything I do. This work is a selection of work from my university studies including Dissertation, Final Major Project and Industry Placement.

My dissertation focused in on the magazine industry, the impact that digital media has had on print publications and if these publications can stay relevant in an ever-changing digital climate. This dissertation came from a deep interest in magazines and as a consumer of independent magazines I wanted to explore what the future holds for this sector of the industry. Independent magazines are the leading publications in the industry, they offer quality content and stories that will stand the test of time, making them an archive item and something that consumers will invest in.

For my final major project, I took my findings from my dissertation and decided to create You & Others, a magazine subscription that focuses on self-love and positivity. The idea of this concept was to give the consumer an experience, something that they will buy into again and again. You & Others USP was the use of sensory elements within the publication. Each issue would focus on one of the five senses; touch, taste, sight, sound and scent and would incorporate that sense into the magazine and the products that feature in the subscription box. The first issue was the visual issue, it focused on bright and bold colours and patterns and featured an artist Collaboration with Natalie Day, an illustrator whose work embodies the morals and style of the You & Others brand.

Industry placement was one of the key modules throughout the three years of university for me. I found a placement with an artist in London named Lizzie King who creates hand drawn window displays using bright colours and patterns. Experiencing the industry first hand got me excited to go into industry full-time. Working with Lizzie showed a different side to the industry through creative marketing. I realised I could combine both business and creativity to create marketing that is impactful and effective. This placement was a turning point for my personal style, it shifted from minimal to bold, and solidified the career path I wanted to explore. PR & Marketing.
Rebecca Day