COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Pura 'think skin deep'

The beauty industry paves the way in which both men and women are made to feel via the narrow ideal in which everyone should conform to so that they can appear to be the best they can be.
The real future for success in the industry will continue to advance and rapidly grow through the use of technology. There are opportunities available for the industry to improve labelling and clarity of its products and as time passes and consumers gain interest and knowledge the more the industry will cater for all consumer types.
For my final major project I explored cosmetic ingredients and how consumers don’t always look and understand their labels. I looked at how the cosmetic industry isn't as transparent about ingredients with consumers and how science has its own language, which means it’s difficult for most people to decipher. It is, therefore, easy to misunderstand the findings of a study due to chemical formats, creating panic and confusion. To solve the outstanding issues and fill the gap in the market, I then went onto creating a concept called 'Pura', a revolutionary beauty blog which enables consumers to gain a deeper insight into the world of cosmetic ingredients through the use of social interaction. A site where consumers get together as well as Bloggers to explain and explore the cosmetic industry building up a large online platform of information and knowledge easily accessible by signing up for an account.

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