rebecca cousins

rebecca cousins

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016



The main attributes to a stable identity include; self-sameless and authenticity - Akhtar.
It's about expressing your individuality and showing the world your personality. Fashion is not about looking like everyone else.
The term 'Origins', describes the point or place something is derived from. As a relation to the phrase 'originality', it notions the expression of an individual's style that portrays a sense of personality. Origins constitutes an answer to the negative effects of idolisation; adorned by the youth population and manipulated by the fashion industry.

Origins establishes itself through global fashion retailer, H&M, developing a fresh innovation within the fashion industry, inspiring and aiding youthful individuals to originate their own identites. Origins is a contemporary intuition, both online and instore, inititated through rising indulgent consumers within the personalisation and customisation markets. This concept aims to stimulate adolecents creative flare, allowing unique garments to be constructed digitally, using personal inspiration, to unlock and demonstrate passions and interests.

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