Reah Harris

Reah Harris

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: The New Fangled Golden Agers

These folks burned their bras and developed the pill. Do we really think they’re not going to be sexual?
Old is the New Black
Why do we associate people over the age of 50 with knitting, reading and walking sticks? The older generation are just as savvy with the computer as those in there twenties!

Many ladies over the age of 50 revealed that they often felt missed out when it came to brands, marketing and social media applications. My dissertation explores whether brands utilising Instagram are missing out on consumers over the age of 50, which has been proven to be an issue through factors such as younger models and these consumers not being familiar with how to use the application. There is a discussion on whether brands are missing out on the senior market on not only Instagram but in general, in regards to there marketing and advertising. Consumers over-50 often feel left out by brands when it comes to advertising and when they are included they feel they are stereotyped.

I wanted to challenge this and create a personalised shopping experience on an app primarily aimed at individuals over 50, which they can take with them everywhere they go.

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