Rajanpreet Dhaliwal

Rajanpreet Dhaliwal

COURSE: Fashion Business & Promotion 2016


TITLE: Take the Test, Take Control

They can’t imagine a world without computers, mobile phones and the internet. This is Generation D.
Social Media is the future of communication (Social media defined 2014).

Graduating on a BA (Hons) in Fashion Business and promotion at Birmingham City University. Long term passion has been event management and PR from creating business plans to marketing plans has been my main focus on the last year of this course. I have found that throughout the 3 years at university my passion for the business side and creative ideas side has been grown and it now seems to be one of the main aspects that I am interested in pursuing my career in.

For my dissertation I focused on ‘the effects that social media had on the industry’ for this I explored all areas of social media; figures, statistics, users and growth then analysed the outcomes. I then went on to explore the benefits that social media can have on the events industry. I have immense passion for the events industry so what better way to look at it and what is currently the biggest marketing factor for it.

My dissertation then lead me on to my final major project. For this I established an Event management company and then created a business plan, marketing plan and a brand and concept for the company. This all included posters, flyer designs and social media presence I did mock ups of what it would look like and combined it in my marketing plan. This module enabled me to seek collaborations for poster and graphic design but also allowed me to put my business ethics into practice.

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